Pupils ‘over the moon’ at SET Beccles School on GCSE results day 2020

Pupils ‘over the moon’ at SET Beccles School on GCSE results day 2020

Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. Vulnerability matters. Being open about who you were at a moment in time when you were in a difficult or an impossible place matters more than anything. Carefully selected by the creative minds at The Moth, and adapted to the page to preserve the raw energy of live storytelling, these stories feature voices both familiar and new. High school students and neuroscientists alike, the storytellers share their ventures into uncharted territory—and how their lives were changed indelibly by what they discovered there. In its twenty year history, The Moth has presented more than twenty thousand stories, told live and without notes, by people from all walks of life to standing-room-only crowds worldwide. The Moth Podcast is downloaded more than forty-four million times a year, and the Peabody Award-winning The Moth Radio Hour airs weekly on more than public radio stations nationwide. This collection of first person narratives can provide a new way for students to explore the lives of others and the ways we tell our own stories.

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Reece Hanson. Despite weeks of uncertainty following the coronavirus outbreak, the results saw 60pc of pupils achieved a grade in English and maths. Nathan Sutton, who achieved six grade 9s, four grade 8s and one grade 7, said he was relieved to recieve his results on Thursday. He is now hoping to enrol at a sixth form college in Wymondham to do A Levels in chemistry, biology and maths, with the ultimate aim of working in a STEM-related field.

Fellow pupil Aurelia will mark the day by dying her hair for the first time, with the teenager going bright red ahead. She is also set to stay in the town as she now prepares to start at Sir John Leman Sixth Form to study biology, psychology and sociology.

Destination Moon (French: Objectif Lune) is the sixteenth volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The story was.

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NASA Could Have People Living on the Moon in 8 Years. And That’s Just the Beginning

July 20, — a date that lives in my memory as the great divide, the B. It was the day of the first walk on the moon by humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and I covered the event for The Times from mission control in Houston. I began my front-page article with a sentence as simple as it was astonishing:. Two Americans, astronauts of Apollo 11, steered their fragile four-legged lunar module safely and smoothly to the historic landing yesterday at P. Neil A. Armstrong, the year-old civilian commander, radioed to earth and the mission control room here:.

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The story was initially serialised weekly in Belgium’s Tintin magazine from March to September before being published in a collected volume by Casterman in The plot tells of young reporter Tintin and his friend Captain Haddock who receive an invitation from Professor Calculus to come to Syldavia , where Calculus is working on a top-secret project in a secure government facility to plan a manned mission to the Moon. Critics have held the illustrative detail of the book in high regard, but have expressed divided opinions of the story; some consider it to be among the most mature and emotionally resonant entries in the series, while others fault it for downplaying the humour seen in previous volumes in favour of the scientific focus of the narrative.

Tintin, Snowy , and Captain Haddock travel to join Professor Calculus, who has been commissioned by the Syldavian government to secretly build a spacecraft that will fly to the Moon. Baxter , and Calculus’ assistant, the engineer Frank Wolff. After witnessing Calculus test out a new multiplex helmet for the planned mission, they are informed of both his plan and his new use of an ear trumpet due to his signature hearing ailments.

14 people revealed their most brutal rejection stories — and they’re so bad you’ll want to scream

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A coming of age story set in the south of the U.S. when Elvis was King. high spirits and direct way, and though he has a man’s responsibilities on the farm, they.

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It is named so for that it is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which is always in the middle of the autumn season in China. Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of 8th month in Chinese lunar calendar. In Gregorian calendar, it usually falls in September or early October. People in mainland China enjoy one day off on the festival day which is usually connected with the weekend to be a 3-day holiday.

If it falls within October 1th – 7th, the holiday will be 8 days long, celebrated together with Chinese National Day.

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The full moon in July is commonly known as the “thunder moon” or the “buck moon. The slight eclipse, known as a penumbral eclipse, will not be as dramatic as a full lunar eclipse, experts say. But it could be visible to sharp-eyed sky watchers here in New Jersey and in other areas of North America. A penumbral eclipse takes place when the moon drifts through the outer section of Earth’s shadow, or penumbra, and part of the sun’s rays are blocked from shining on the moon during that time, according to astronomy experts at EarthSky.

If this was going to be a full lunar eclipse, the entire moon would be briefly darkened and give off a reddish-orange tint. They might say the moon looks strange.

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Celestial bodies provide the basic standards for determining the periods of a calendar. The day can be measured either by the stars or by the Sun. If the stars are used, then the interval is called the sidereal day and is defined by the period between two passages of a star more precisely of the vernal equinox , a reference point on the celestial sphere across the meridian: it is 23 hours 56 minutes 4. The interval between two passages of the Sun across the meridian is a solar day.

This period of constant length, far more convenient for civil purposes, is the mean solar day, which has a duration in sidereal time of 24 hours 3 minutes It is longer than the sidereal day because the motion of the Earth in its orbit during the period between two transits of the Sun means that the Earth must complete more than a whole revolution to bring the Sun back to the meridian.

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The manga was adapted into an anime series produced by Toei Animation and broadcast in Japan from to A live-action television adaptation, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon , aired from to , and a second anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal , began simulcasting in Since its release, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon has received acclaim, with praise for its art, characterization, and humor. In Juban, Tokyo , a middle-school student named Usagi Tsukino befriends Luna , a talking black cat who gives her a magical brooch enabling her to transform into Sailor Moon: a soldier destined to save Earth from the forces of evil.

Luna and Usagi assemble a team of fellow Sailor Soldiers to find their princess and the Silver Crystal. They encounter the studious Ami Mizuno, who awakens as Sailor Mercury ; Rei Hino, a local Shinto shrine maiden who awakens as Sailor Mars ; Makoto Kino, a tall and strong transfer student who awakens as Sailor Jupiter ; and Minako Aino, a young aspiring idol who had awakened as Sailor Venus a few months prior, accompanied by her talking feline companion Artemis.

Additionally, they befriend Mamoru Chiba, a high school student who assists them on occasion as Tuxedo Mask. In the first arc, the group battles the Dark Kingdom. Usagi and her team discover that in their previous lives they were members of the ancient Moon Kingdom in a period of time called the Silver Millennium.

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